Health Book Structure #3: Cohesive Concept, Point by Point

In a nutshell: A presentation of a new idea, item or program, with each chapter discussing one element.

The Cohesive Concept, Point by Point approach is well-suited to health books offering solutions that can be broken into discrete parts that work best when combined, such as a “lifestyle” type health book with separate sections on diet, exercise, positive thinking, and so on.

The first chapter introduces a problem or situation and offers a multi-part plan for improvement. Each of the following chapters is dedicated to one point, principle or aspect of the plan.

For example, the book Wake Up! You’re Alive presents a 5-point plan for better Wake Up! You've Alive
physical health by changing your outlook on life. Chapter 1 introduces the problem (physical illness made worse by poor attitude) and the solution (adopting enthusiasm, belief, love, forgiveness and perseverance.) Each of the next five chapters discusses one part of the solution, and the last two chapters sum everything up. It should be a pleasant read, which each of the “point” chapters given equal weight, with a more powerful result when all are combined.

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About Nadine Taylor, M.S., R.D.

Nadine Taylor, a Registered Dietitian, is an experienced writer who has authored or co-authored several books in the health and memoir genres. Her memoirs include Diana & Dodi: A Love Story, and her health books include Green Tea: The Natural Secret to a Healthier Life, Runaway Eating, Natural Menopause Remedies, Arthritis For Dummies and 25 Natural Ways To Relieve PMS. She has also ghostwritten numerous books in various genres.