Nadine Taylor, professional ghostwriter & editorNadine Taylor, M.S. R.D. has authored, edited and ghostwritten more than 20 published books, including New York Times bestsellers and national bestsellers. A registered dietitian, Nadine began her writing career in the health field, editing the New York Times #1 bestseller The Arthritis Cure and penning the popular Green Tea, the Natural Secret to a Healthier Life, before branching out into the genres of psychology, memoir and business. She recently edited the book Making It: Getting In, Fitting In, and Moving Ahead in the Business World, to be published in 2017.


B&W 10-11 Barry #2 H4 croppedBarry Fox, Ph.D. is the author or ghostwriter of more than 50 published books, many of which have been translated into several languages and sold internationally. He is best known as the co-author of the New York Times #1 bestseller The Arthritis Cure. Barry has written and ghosted nonfiction books in numerous genres including business, memoir, health, politics and art. His memoirs include Diana & Dodi: A Love Story, the story of Princess Diana’s final romance told from the point of view of Dodi’s butler, as well as books by the former COO of Toys “R” Us and the Founder/Chairman of a U.S. steel company. Barry’s inspirational writing has been praised by Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, Rev. Robert Schuller and Norman Cousins.

Here’s what our clients said about working with us:

– “Bill and I are delighted to have had Nadine Taylor’s help in blending the kaleidoscope of our lives into a readable fashion for our family memoir. Her research, knowledge of story structure, encouragement, and assurance that our story would be interesting to current and future generations was invaluable. She became a writer, therapist, literary critic, and friend, all rolled into one. Writing the book with Nadine was a wonderful experience that we recommend to all! –  Kay Legendre Doré & William J. Doré, founder and former CEO, Global Industries

 – “Working with Barry became a journey of self-discovery, resulting in a much better book than I ever could have written on my own.” – Bruce Krysiak, former President/Board Member of Toys “R” Us

 – “Here’s my most important piece of advice: be sure to hire a great writer. No, wait—it’s a lot easier than that. Simply hire the best in the biz, Nadine Taylor! Thanks, Nadine, for encouraging me, for keeping me on track, and especially for your friendship. You have made this journey fun.” Denise Dudley, Founder and former CEO of SkillPath

 – “Barry has an uncanny ability to …make you think more deeply about your life and transform your stories, ideas and feelings into writing that is not only beautiful but highly readable.” Steven Friedman, Vice Chairman & CEO of United Steel Services

 – “Deciding to work with Nadine… was the best decision I have made in a long time. Her attention to detail, professionalism and writing skills are superb. – Lorna Myers, Ph.D., Executive Director Epilepsy Free Foundation

 – “Barry showed an amazing ability to grasp my vision, then creatively and almost supernaturally produce it. And the bonus was that the lengthy discussions about the stories to go into the book felt like therapy and, surprisingly, I missed it once it was over.” – Jesmane Boggenpoel, former Head of Business Engagement, Africa, World Economic Forum

 – “Barry was critical to moving the work of publishing my book along. When I would get stuck on concepts or flow he had the ability to listen, see the bigger picture and suggest content that was crisp and enjoyable to read. Barry has the unique ability ensure that a writer’s collection of thoughts can be weaved together with stories, images, and frameworks into one well thought out whole.” – Mitch Wasden, CEO of OHSU Healthcare

– “Your ability to focus on the key points of complex medical issues and explain them with simplicity and clarity is a literary gift. I appreciate all of your incredible efforts…”  Mark Houston, M.D.

 – “We’re absolutely delighted with your work. You exceeded our (already high) expectations…”Frank Rizzo, President, XenaCare

 – “Thanks so much for helping me write my first book. Time and time again, you helped me turn my ideas into crystal clear words.  – Peter Abaci, M.D.

Here’s what our publishers said about working with us:

 – Congratulations! You’ve done a fantastic job here. The program is very clear, the writing is engaging, and the promise of helping people is on every page.” – Diana Baroni, Warner Books

 – I appreciate your attention to detail and all your hard work in making the book as perfect as possible. Also, thank you for not only meeting the deadline, but beating it by a number of days!” Amy Kovalski, Rodale

 – “Barry was utterly professional – on time with his manuscript and quick to make any necessary changes in the copy. Most important, of course, he is a fine writer who can deal with all types of material in a graceful, entertaining way.”Charlie Gerras, Rodale

 – “I am pleased with how well the manuscript was put together. It’s the best one I’ve seen in quite a while – thank you for doing such a good job.”Judith McCarthy, McGraw Hill

 – “Just a note to say how pleased I am with the job you did on Overcoming Syndrome X. Rarely do I receive the draft of a manuscript in nearly perfect condition…”Fred Hills, Simon and Schuster