Thinking of Writing a Business Book?

A business book is an excellent way to…

  • enhance your brand…
  • demonstrate your expertise…
  • become a media “go to” person…
  • generate leads…
  • become the person who literally “wrote the book” on the topic

We – Nadine Taylor & Barry Fox – can help you achieve your goals.

We are the bestselling ghostwriters, authors, and editors of dozens of published books, including business books by leaders of major corporations, owners of medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs.

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What Clients Have Said

“Barry proved to have a tremendous ability to convert my words, thoughts, and stories into a well-structured, thoughtful, and insightful book.”

Bruce Krysiakformer President/Board Member of Toys “R” Us

Here’s my most important piece of advice: be sure to hire a great writer. No, wait—it’s a lot easier than that. Simply hire the best in the biz, Nadine Taylor! Thanks, Nadine, for encouraging me, for keeping me on track, and especially for your friendship. You have made this journey fun.”

Denise DudleyFounder and former CEO of SkillPath

FAQs About Business Books

Are there different types of business books?

There are many, including:

  • biography/autobiography – the story of a company or business leader
  • new ideas – introducing new concepts or reimagining old ones
  • from life to business – applying lessons learned in life to business
  • from business to life – transferring concepts from business to other aspects of life
  • wealth-enhancing ideas – approaches to making money

What if I don’t have a huge concept like Freakonomics?

Few books are based on paradigm-shattering ideas, yet many provide valuable information. Viable concepts include an inside look at an industry or company, a new business-related concept, or a plan for getting ahead in business. A book based on any of these can help you accomplish your business-building goals.

Do business ghostwriters need business degrees or experience in running a business?

Professional ghostwriters specialize in learning on the fly and translating ideas into readable, thought-provoking, interesting books. You’ll certainly want a ghostwriter who understands business, but there’s no need to find one with an MBA or C-suite experience.

Bottom line: will my book be profitable?

There’s no guarantee of financial success in the book business. If your true ambition is to introduce a new concept or present your ideas to the world, earning a profit should not be a primary concern. But if profit is your driving motivation, remember that the media attention and business generated by your book can greatly enhance your revenue – even if the book itself doesn’t make a lot of money.

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