Thinking of writing a memoir?

You’ve had some unbelievable life adventures, lived through a challenging time, and/or learned some very important lessons.

You’d like to share your experiences and hard-won wisdom in a book, but making your memoir “sing” has turned out to be harder than you thought.

We – Nadine Taylor & Barry Fox – can help you turn your story into a fascinating book written in your unique voice!

We are the bestselling professional ghostwriters, authors and editors of dozens of published books, including memoirs such as:

  • Diana & Dodi: A Love Story – an eyewitness account of Princess Diana’s last romance and final days
  • The Kay & Bill Doré Story – the wild and inspiring memoir of a rags-to-riches couple who created a $2 billion oil business
  • Morrie: Only in America – the story of a penniless immigrant who became the founder of a U.S. steel company
  • If My Heart Had Wings – a touching WWII true story of a love that defied death
  • Take Off Power – amazing tales from the 40-year career of a commercial airline pilot

Your adventures – or misadventures – can be the source of a terrific book. Let us help you write it!

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Special Thanks from Key Clients

“I read the manuscript [Diana & Dodi: A Love Story] and was utterly charmed. You have achieved just the right tone of affection and intimacy – congratulations.” 

Helen GummerEditorial Director, Simon & Schuster UK

“Barry has an uncanny ability to …make you think more deeply about your life and… to transform your stories, ideas and feelings into writing that is not only beautiful but highly readable.”  

Steven FriedmanVice Chairman & CEO of United Steel Services

“For years I thought about writing a book as a way to … create some sort of legacy, but always held back because it seemed too complicated and I didn’t know where to start. Working with [Taylor-Fox] became a journey of self-discovery, resulting in a much better book than I ever could have written on my own.” 

Bruce Krysiakformer President/Board Member of Toys “R” Us

Memoir FAQs

Why should I write a memoir?

There are many great reasons to write a memoir. You may want to:

  • share a wonderful life adventure
  • inspire others
  • spotlight a problem or cause
  • entertain others
  • teach important lessons
  • capture a moment in history
  • pass on family history

How can a ghostwriter write my story?

A ghostwriter will have extended conversations with you to understand your story, style and voice. Next, she or he will interview your family, friends or other pertinent people.

Then, utilizing material you’ve already written, information you’ve dictated, and other sources, the ghost will write the manuscript as you would, in your unique voice.

Are a memoir and an autobiography the same thing?

No.  A memoir presents a “slice” of your life story; a specific time in your life that offers a glimpse into your heart and mind. An autobiography covers your entire life, from birth to the present, and emphasizes the presentation of the facts.

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