Fees & Services

We excel in the art of turning your ideas and/or experiences into a polished manuscript. We’ll create the manuscript, either by writing it ourselves based on your ideas or the material you’ve put together, or assisting you as you write. You don’t have to do any of the writing, or work on the book’s structure, content, or anything else, unless you want to.


We’ll rework your manuscript at the deepest levels. Every single sentence will be scrutinized for language, style and contribution to the overall theme. Then many (if not most) of them will be rewritten. Organizational problems, missing information, poorly-reasoned arguments, knotted language, scrambled ideas and so on will be addressed and, with your input, corrected. In other words, Rewriting is “Developmental Editing Plus.”

Developmental Editing
We’ll critique your manuscript and identify problems such as a lack of organization, poorly-reasoned arguments, misuse of language and missing information. We’ll then make the smaller, more obvious corrections, and write/rewrite small amounts of transitional material, when necessary. The larger problems (e.g. areas of missing or contradictory information) will be marked for your corrections and discussed in an accompanying document.

Manuscript Analysis
We’ll read your manuscript, assess its problems and give you solid advice on how to get your book back on track. We’ll critique your manuscript in a 5-page written analysis, identifying problems with focus, structure, content and style and making suggestions for improvement. Let us help you find your way!