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You Reached the Top!

You’ve had amazing adventures, lived through challenging times, and learned some very important lessons.

You’d like to share your experiences and hard-won wisdom in a memoir. But making your manuscript “sing” has turned out to be harder than you thought.

We are memoir ghostwriters Barry Fox and Nadine Taylor, a husband-and-wife team.

Working closely with you, we can help you turn your story into a fascinating book written in your unique voice! Our approach emphasizes one-on-one work with you, flexibility, and digging deeper to discover the often hidden lessons or essential truth behind your story.

And, if you like, we can manage the publication process for you.

With New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, PublishersWeekly, and Amazon bestselling credentials, we are the ghostwriters, authors, and editors of scores of published books, including memoirs such as:

  • Diana & Dodi: A Love Story – an eyewitness account of Princess Diana’s last romance and final days.
  • Daughter of Apartheid – a black woman born to the racist apartheid regime of South Africa, whose father was murdered in the struggle for freedom, shares her views on humanity and forgiveness.
  • The Kay & Bill Doré Story – the wild and inspiring memoir of a rags-to-riches couple who created a $2 billion oil business.
  • Make Your Best Life – a life story by the former President/COO of Toys “R” Us that focuses on living the best possible life.
  • Into the Light – a memoir by the founder/CEO of Acadiana Plastics Moulding, emphasizing the importance of hard work, belief in yourself, and a determination to always go toward the light.
  • If My Heart Had Wings – a story of hope that tracks the young widow of a World War II pilot as she reclaims her life and power.
  • My Colorful Life – a “lessons learned” memoir by the female founder of a very successful paint company
  • Morrie: Only in America – the story of a penniless immigrant who became the founder of a U.S. steel company.
  • Take Off Power – amazing tales from the 40-year career of a commercial airline pilot.

Call us at (818) 917-5362 to find out how we can turn your dream into reality!

What clients say about us

“Working with Barry became a journey of self-discovery, resulting in a much better book than I ever could have written on my own…” 

“Barry Fox has an uncanny ability to understand what’s important and what’s not; to make you think more deeply about your life and come up with insights you didn’t know you had; and to transform your stories, ideas and feelings into writing that is not only beautiful but highly readable.”

“Barry has the unique ability of ensuring that a writer’s collection of thoughts can be weaved together with stories, images, and frameworks into one well-thought-out whole.”

“…the bonus was that the lengthy discussions about the stories in the book felt like therapy… I missed them once it was over.”

Barry thinks big, is incredibly creative, insists on maintaining a high quality bar, and is a consummate professional. I loved working with Barry and hope to do so again in the future!

“Barry’s writing, editorial, and research work greatly transformed my project. We were able to take it to levels I hadn’t imagined possible. I can’t wait to work with him on the next venture.”

“Nadine became a writer, therapist, literary critic, and friend, all rolled into one. Writing the book with Nadine was a wonderful experience that we recommend to all!” 

“Deciding to work with Nadine…was the best decision I have made in a long time. Her attention to detail, professionalism, and writing skills are superb.”

“Thanks, Nadine, for encouraging me, for keeping me on track, and especially for your friendship. You have made this journey fun.” 

Barry is not only a great writer, but he is professional, kind, creative, genuine, honest, patient, and an all-around excellent guy. Barry helped me dig deep into my stories and ideas to produce a more complex, nuanced book than my wife and I could have ever imagined. The experience was a great one, and I would highly recommend Barry Fox to anyone looking to have their story brought to life.

The Taylor-Fox Team

It’s a small team—just two of us:

Barry Fox

Barry Fox

With New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller credentials, Barry writes in several genes, specializing in memoirs and business books.

Nadine Taylor

Nadine Taylor

An Amazon bestselling author, Nadine began her career as a health writer. Later, she began penning books in the business field and in her favorite genre, memoirs.

Our Process

Hiring a memoir ghostwriter is a big step, so it pays to consider the various ways in which prospective ghosts understand their task.

What differentiates us from other ghostwriters is the way we approach our work.

Each book is as precious to us as it is to you.

We don’t simply glance through your notes, interview you for a few hours, and then dash off a completed manuscript in a month or two.

Instead, we begin by building a relationship with you.

In our early chats, we spend as much time getting to know the “real you” as we do listening to and understanding your stories or ideas.

We then explore potential themes and structures for your book, continuing until we find the perfect combination that best presents your story or idea.

Finally, we begin writing.

Yes, hiring a ghostwriter is a big step.

You’ll find several ghosts who have the credentials you require.

But what’s most important is finding one with the perfect approach for both you and your book.

  • Initial Chats

    We begin by getting to know you — not just your idea or story, but the essential “you” that must be brought to the fore to make your book truly great.

  • Strategizing

    We lay out the elements of your book and arrange them in the best possible way to explain your idea or tell your story.

  • Ghostwriting

    We ghostwrite your book, sending you early drafts of each chapter for your review and comments.

  • Editing & Proofreading

    We edit your manuscript, then send it to an outside proofreader for a final check.

  • Publication

    If you’d like, we assist you in the process of either traditional or self-publishing.

What publishing VIPs say about us

“Thank you so much for all your hard work. I think this is a fabulous book.”

“Working with Barry Fox…has been a pleasure. He is hard-working, detail-oriented, and very respectful of the process.”

“Congratulations! You’ve done a fantastic job here. The program is very clear, the writing is engaging, and the promise of helping people is on every page. There is very little to do editorially on this—thank you!”

“Thank you for your incredible work… Not only was the manuscript on time, but it was clean, well-researched, and was a perfect execution of the editorial vision for the book. Most important, you were able to take the complex work…and present it in a way that was both easy to understand and highly readable.”

“I am pleased with how well the manuscript was put together. The organization is strong, the advice sound, and all is presented in a very easy to understand way. It’s the best one I’ve seen in quite a while—thank you for doing such a good job.”

“Just a note to say how pleased I am with the job you did on Overcoming Syndrome X. Rarely do I receive the draft of a manuscript in nearly perfect condition… Congratulations on a superb job.”

“Thanks again for all of your hard (and speedy) work. The manuscript is quite wonderful.”

“I read the final manuscript and was utterly charmed. You have achieved just the right tone of affection and intimacy—congratulations.”

“Once again, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a well-written, nicely organized manuscript that hardly needs editing. I must admit I feel a bit guilty!”

“I loved it! These few chapters [you just turned in] are so overwhelmingly inspirational that I wanted to get back to you as soon as possible.”

Contact Barry Fox & Nadine Taylor

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