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  • New York Times bestselling credentials?
  • a lengthy list of praise from satisfied customers and editors at major publishing houses?
  • the ability to help you with the publication process, whether traditional or self-published?

If so, we, Nadine Taylor and Barry Fox, are exactly who you’re looking for — book ghostwriters, authors and editors with dozens of published books to our credit and plenty of publication experience.

We focus primarily on ghostwriting memoirs, business books, and works of history, art and politics, although we also have a great many health books to our credit.

You want to hire a ghostwriter…

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Our ghostwriting service is made up of two ghosts. We handle only a few projects at a time and offer highly personalized service. Thus, every book is very important to us, and every client is a gem.

So who might this precious client be?

  • a professional with a wealth of experience to share
  • a creator with an amazing new idea
  • an original thinker with fascinating new insights
  • an artist who sees what others can’t begin to imagine
  • an individual who has undergone a transformative experience…

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We charge $65,000 to ghostwrite a full-length book. This fee includes the cost of hiring an independent proofreader to check the final manuscript.