Thinking of writing an inspirational book?

Do you have an idea for a book that can help others live happier, more fulfilling lives, but you’re struggling with the writing?

We – Nadine Taylor & Barry Fox – are highly experienced inspirational book ghostwriters who can help you select a theme, flesh out your ideas, and choose the stories that best support your theme. Then we’ll write your book; one that will truly inspire and motivate your readers.

We’ve authored, ghosted or edited many inspirational books that have been published by major publishing houses, including:

  • Life Lessons (Simon & Schuster)
  • Cancer Talk (Broadway Books)
  • The Rights of the Dying (HarperCollins)
  • Handbook for the Heart (Little, Brown)
  • Beyond Positive Thinking (Hay House)
  • Wake Up! You’re Alive (HCI)

We’re eager to help you help others! If you’re ready to begin writing, call us at (818) 917-5362, or scroll down to the Contact Form and send us an email.

Special Praise from Inspirational VIPs

“I’m really enjoying your work, as well as your attitude and customer service. Hopefully, we can continue working together for years to come.”

Richard Carlson, Ph.D.regarding Handbook For The Heart and Handbook For The Soul

“I must confess that I felt really good physically upon reading this book. And that feeling of well-being has remained with me through the days following. The humor with which the book is interlaced is infectious.” 

Rev. Norman Vincent Pealeregarding Wake Up! Your’re Alive

“You enable people in need of help to discover their own resources, even as they avail themselves of the best that modern medical science has to offer.”

Norman Cousinsregarding Wake Up! Your’re Alive

“You offer a crystal clear message: you hold the key to health and happiness in your hands. And it all starts with the positive thoughts in your mind. You show you how to use that key with a sure blend of science, inspiration and scripture.”

Rev. Robert Schullerregarding Making Miracles

Inspirational Book FAQs

What should be included in an inspirational book?

There is no set formula, but your inspirational book should probably include:

  • a provocative opening idea
  • your own story, if possible
  • stories or experiences that touch the readers’ hearts
  • concrete ideas for improvement
  • questions, checklists or other ways for readers to gauge their actions, thoughts or feelings
  • a closing call to action

How do I work with an inspirational book ghostwriter?

It depends on you. You may provide material you’ve already written or dictated. Or the ghost may interview you numerous times, asking questions that help shape your ideas and discover relevant stories, which will then be transformed into chapters. Or both. There is no “right” way; only the approach that works best for you.

Can I turn my speeches into a book?

Many speakers do so. But remember that a speech or a seminar is not the same thing as a book or a chapter. The gestures and vocal inflections that sell your stories in oral presentations will be absent in a book. Your ghostwriter will help you with this.

Suppose I have just a general idea of what I want?

An experienced ghostwriter will help you flesh out your idea, select your theme, choose the stories, episodes and ideas that support your theme, then organize everything in the manner that best supports your concept. It’s never too soon to get started!

What can writing an inspirational book do for me?

The greatest reward you’ll receive is the knowledge that you’ve helped others. But your book can also:

  • demonstrate your expertise
  • establish you as an expert in your field
  • bring you new clients
  • generate speaking engagements and radio/television appearances
  • be used for profitable back-of-the-room sales at your speeches

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